1. You must have a Lord of the Rings site. However, MSN/Yahoo groups, forums or blogs are no longer being accepted, sorry. There is a LotR Blog ring - please check on Ringsurf's home page: http://www.ringsurf.com

2. Your site must not promote hate/abuse of any ethnic group, minority, religious group, children, animals or elves or link to sites that do.

3. Please put the code up! Once you get a confirmation email from Ringsurf you must alter the 2 places in the code that has id=0. Replace the 0's with your own id number and Elbereth will bless you. Or at least I will. I will wait a few days then send a reminder if you forget. One only. If code hasn't been updated 1 week after that, site will have to be deleted from the queue.

Some basic knowledge of HTML may be needed, at least enough to be able to put the code up. If you use a site maker (like Freewebs) with ready-made templates I won't be able to help out. If the code is too complicated, you might want to consider a fanlisting or clique instead.

4. My apologies to most for stating the obvious: please put the code somewhere it can be easily found, not tucked away in a corner where no-one will spot it.